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You all are the reason I wanted to make this, as a space to express my creativity with the goal being to find or create a community of people with shared interests. I have no illusion that I am building something new but I do have a unique perspective: my own. Even if you, my audience, are just one viewer whom I might be able to give some insight or learn from it’s been worth it.

Making things has always been a passion of mine. When I was a child I played with LEGOs and created board games. I was even told in 6th grade that one I made could be published, but nothing came of that. Since then the only thing I really wanted to do was create video games. I dabbled in high school making some small games in Game Editor and went to college for Game Design and Digital Entertainment. However I am not currently in the field and know that while I may be content with how my life is until I’m working to achieve my goals I won’t be as happy as I could be.

Recently I discovered some whole new worlds, but really they are one in the same: cosplay and makers. I discovered cosplay through comic book and gaming conventions that led to finding about people who create costumes, fabricate props and tutorials on how to do it yourself! As it happens this was a rabbit hole leading to the discovery of makers. Anyone that creates can be a maker. Just some examples include carpenters, chefs, programmers, prop makers, artists, musicians, and the list goes on. This is a culture I want to be more immersed in and I intend to do so.

Famed Maker and Mythbuster, Adam Savage said it best:

It’s not called costuming at Cons, it’s called “cosplay.” Now ostensibly, cosplay means people who dress up as their favorite characters from film and television and especially anime, but it is so much more than that. These aren’t just people who find a costume and put it on — they mash them up.They bend them to their will. They change them to be the characters they want to be in those productions. They’re super clever and genius. They let their freak flag fly and it’s beautiful.

-Adam Savage, My love letter to cosplay

This blog will help hold me accountable and make sure I am working toward my goal and my dream. Even if I’m only taking small steps to get there as long as I’m working towards it I can keep moving forwards.

Thanks for reading!

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