Game Idea / Personal Update

I know it’s been a while since I have written, and to my few fans out there I apologize. I’ve been super busy with life and learning new skills. PHP and MySQL, some new java, and C# skills have now been added to my repertoire. Most recently I have been learning unity and that is what I wanted to talk about. The lessons I am doing are basically a kick-start of skills that I already have but need to apply them to a new engine. Specific syntax and all that. Over the next few days, weeks or however long it takes me to finish the course I will be posting the smaller games I complete on my Facebook Fan Page.

My goal with this blog was to rekindle or find my passions. If you follow me for the crafting or cosplay there will be plenty more of that in time because I love doing it and want to share my experience! I’m going to Dragon Con this year so I’ll have something for that, and I have big plans for making things for my yard and doing some landscaping. Making games has always been dream so I want to share that experience too and it takes some precedence over the other stuff.

By the end of the course I’m on, I hope to develop a project that I’ve had in my head for a while. Below is the pitch for it.

Space the final frontier, but can you monopolize it? This is your quest as you make your way through the universe buying and selling items, in a similar way to Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. Times are tough in space and goods aren’t easy to come by for explorers, mercenaries, hitchhikers and more. Customers will contact you, then you can haggle with customers over price of items they want from your stockpile. Use that profit you just turned to buy more stuff at a Space Station at a lower price. Or buy things will increase your ship’s capacity, weapons, “extra lives” and armor. Once you upgrade your ship you can face the perils of the universe in a top down shooter style, similar to Galaga. Making your way through these levels will open up the stock of the Space Stations for more valuable items and ship parts.

What makes this unique? There are no power-ups as you play through the Top Down mode you only increase your ship’s capacity through the sale system. However you will never turn a decent profit if you can’t defend your assets. As time progresses and you gain more wealth you may be attacked by bandits, upgrading your ship and coming across better equipment is vital to your survival.

Let me know what you think. To keep up more with what I am doing follow the links in the footer to my other social media. I swear I’m trying to get better about posting.


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